Visual Toll Auditing System (ViTAS)

ViTAS is a Toll Audit solution already deployed on the N3 Toll Road for the N3TC on the N4 Toll Road from Pretoria to Mozambique for TRACN4 with a lite version deployed at some Bakwena (BPCC) Toll Plazas near Pretoria.

Where TES installs the visual and networking hardware and infrastructure required, Fourier Systems provides the software and operation. ViTAS has been deployed and continuously improved since 2007.

This audit system aims to assist the concessionaire and/or operators to do various levels of auditing and information acquisition on most of the critical processes throughout the plaza, without the laborious methods currently available. It facilitates the auditing of the multiple facets of Toll operation, like operators, toll system and other equipment, road users, supervisors, other operational staff, operational procedures, and even auditors. This system audits transactions and incidents by combining various data sources. It minimises the workload by implementing rules based on combinations of the available data.

ViTAS is implemented through the integration of the Toll-system data, Digital video recorders with various cameras, and (if required) Automatic Number Plate Recognition. It could also incorporate and use secondary external data gathered by devices such as the Traficon incident detection modules combined with the advanced Queue Length System (QLS).