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Traffic Monitoring Systems

The continuous gathering of traffic and road loading information is a vital tool for authorities on local, provincial and national level. It also forms a vital informative tool for road and infrastructure management.

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Load Control Centres

TES has been successfully involved in the design, supply, installation and upgrades of various systems for Load Control Centres (LCC) at very affordable rates, TES draws on our experience to continuously be involved in such projects.

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Weigh-in Motion

Weigh-in-Motion stations record axle weights as vehicles drive over the stations at normal traffic speeds. The information gathered from these stations is used for pavement design, monitoring and research.

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Visual Toll Monitoring

ViTAS is a Toll Audit solution.This audit system aims to assist the concessionaire and/or operators to do various levels of auditing and information acquisition.

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Accredited by Agrément SA

Our Traffic Monitoring Systems are Accredited by Agrément SA to the South African Committee of Transport Officials (COTO) standards according to the TMH3 and TMH14 specifications under the guidance of the CSIR and South African Roads Agency Ltd. (SANRAL) in 2016.

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